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Upper Austria goes Children´s University!

Starting in 2004 the IFAU, an independent educational Institute in the small province town of Steyr in Upper Austria, offered new and innovative Children´s University Programs for the young generation.

Since then more than 24.000 enthusiastic children and teens from the age of 5 to 18 took part and up to now the KinderUni OÖ has become one of the main events for knowledge transfer to the next generation.

The main aim is to keep up the kids´ natural curiosity and give them a repertoire to explore their everyday life according to the motto ‘asking.exploring.wanting to know’. Therefore we put an emphasis on "hands-on" and activity oriented offers.

The event is supported by a network, a hole lot of sponsors, as well as economically and politically based, and educational partners, as there are to mention several Universities and Colleges of Higher Education situated in Upper Austria as well as other Austrian Higher Educational Institutes.

The program consists of 50 min lectures, 2-3 h workshops and 1-3 day courses ranging from science and technology to literature and arts as well as sports and crafts.

6 locations - 6 regions in cooperation with universities, colleges and research facilities currently offer program for children aged 5-15 years:

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